The Mexican Sourdough Sambo

This spicy sourdough sambo is a tasty and easy to make sandwich packs a punch, try it for yourself. Our Cheese & Jalapeño sourdough loaf is made with a live perpetual starter which has been grown and regenerated for over 30 years. Infused with mature red cheddar cheese, green and red jalapeño chillies this loaf boasts in bold and distinctive flavours.

Serves 1

Preparation time

10 min

Cheese & Jalapeño Sourdough Loaf
Cajun Chicken
Smoked Streaky Rashers
Mixed Leaves
Cajun Mayo

1 Cut 4 generous slices of our Cheese & Jalapeño sourdough loaf.

2 To build your sandwich, start with lettuce as the base, then add your pieces of Cajun chicken.

3 Next add some tomatoes and jalapeños to add some nice spice to your sandwich.

4 Next fry off some streaky bacon and add on top.

5 Finish with some mixed leaves and add some Cajun mayo on top.

6 For a side, add some crisps and enjoy!

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