35 years of making moments special

For thirty-five years Cuisine de France has been producing the best in class French baguettes, beautiful breads, pastries and much much more. Our extensive range of products allows us to meet our consumers needs for all occasions.

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Le Parisien

Our Cuisine de France bakers value heritage and authenticity in French bread. Made with just flour, salt, water, yeast and a soft gentle treatment of the dough. We proudly offer you a golden brown crispy baguette with a soft velvety texture. It’s a classic in the French tradition.

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Our Story

We are Cuisine de France and we’re proud of our uniqueness and difference.
We’re unique in how we make our breads and pastries, and in the ingredients we use. We’re also unique in that we bake them not once a week, not even twice, but up to four times a day. Our story is one of a kind too, and our bakers are passionate individuals.
We bake unique, we are unique, we celebrate unique – that’s why we’re different!

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